Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Best Year of My Life...

Happy One Year GRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How oh how are you one year already??????  Seriously...

Here is what you have been up to:
  • Favorite foods:
    • CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!
    • YOGURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Surprise...surprise! :)
  • Least Favorite foods:
    • Peaches... STILL
    • Not a fan of cooked carrots OR plain potatoes this month... we'll try again! :)
  • You are still taking steps... no full on walking yet.  You will only take steps when YOU want to! :)
  • You absolutely.are.a.DADDY's.girl... seriously.  You do not want your Momma AT ALL if Daddy is around.  I thought this would get better by now, but it hasn't.  That is ok... but it is hard at times because I want to snuggle and all you want it DADDY! :)

  • You are saying a new word... something a long the lines of "ATTTTTT."  We don't know what you are trying to say, but it is funny to hear you say it.  You also say "bbbbbbbbahhh" when you see a book!

  • You love to giggle... it is so cute.  You will fake giggle, giggle for real... and just plain cackle sometimes.  You are such a silly girl.
  • Here are some shots from your first birthday party:

The tail gate theme was a success!!!  So much fun celebrating with the family! :)
  • You are still shy, but you are warming up to people quickly.

  • We have figured out that you are a "quiet" baby.  You are very observant and like to take it all in before you react.  You remind me so much of your daddy... I love it! :)

  • We have our work schedule designed to spend as much time with you as possible... so right now, we only need a babysitter (sweet, sweet Nana) every other Monday.  I am so thankful for Nana... she is a life saver! :)
  • You are very musical!  You love your play microphone, drum, and piano.  We hope this means you will play instruments or sing when you get older! :)
  • Discipline is going good... you listen well... but you are VERY head strong (like your Momma) and unfortunately we have to spank you at times.  This is very hard for Momma and Daddy and probably hurts us worse than it hurts you!
  • When you don't like something we do...or you meet someone new... sometimes, you roll your eyes at them!  It is pretty funny!
  • Bath time is STILL a big hit at the house!  You love love love to take baths and you will scream and fuss sometimes when I try to take you out!

  • You are such a happy baby.  Sometimes when you wake up in the mornings or from a nap, you sit back in your bed and play with your toys.  I think you would stay back there for hours!!!

It is hard to believe that in only a year you have showed me how much my heart can love!!!  You are beautiful and a complete joy to be around.  From the first moment I ever felt you move in my belly... I knew that my life would never be the same.

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