Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeeee

So in light of the fact that I just turned 27 (eeeekkkkkk)... I decided to do a random fact blog about "yours truly."  So here are 27 random facts about myself:

  1. I am afraid of the dark. is true.  Thank the good Lord I married someone who hates the dark just about as much as I do.  I have decided that if I win the lottery... I will purchase a place in Alaska so I can vacation there when it is sunny 24 hours a day.  
  2. I have a really weird milk allergy.  I am not lactose intolerant... but it has something to do with the protein (blah blah blah) in milk and the way the dairy product is prepared.  For instance... whole milk in large quantities as well as processed cheese really gives me fits...hives, vomiting, red dots... the works.  And it comes and goes as far as severity... I know... CRAZY!
  3. I love the smell of new carpet, chalk dust, and the air conditioner (specifically when it kicks on in the car).  When I was little, I remember that our church got new carpet and I laid down in the hallway with my nose in the floor just to smell the carpet.  I also used to bang erasers against the black board in my dad's classroom so that I could smell the chalk!  Don't even ask me how many times I have turned my AC off and on in the car. And when I was pregnant... these cravings for these smells were even worse.
  4. I can sing the whole "Cut in Style Barbie" commercial... as well as "Ribbon Dancer."  Oh come on... you remember those!
  5. I was obsessed with the Incredible Hulk when I was younger, but whenever he came on TV I would cry and cry and cry and refuse to watch him.  I collected comic book cards and stuff with him on it... but I would never watch the show.
  6. I told my mom after I met Jeremy for the first time that I was going to marry him.  Yes... this is true.  Ask her.
  7. Up until the age of about 16... I thought that morning sickness was something EVERYONE got when you brushed your teeth in the morning and it made you gag.  So one morning when I was brushing my teeth... I began to throw up.  My dad came in to see if I was ok.  I looked up at him and said, "Oh I am fine... just morning sickness."  You can imagine his thoughts.  
  8. I have a really big problem with changing common sayings up in my head.  For example, I said "Each to his own" instead of "To each his own," "Bottom OF THE line" instead of "The bottom line is...""Hit the nail on the horn" instead of "Hit the nail on the Head" and many many other things.  I jumble words up often... I blame this on the fact that I talk ENTIRELY too fast before I think.  
  9. I am a huge...huge...HUGE football fan.  And it annoys me to NO end when I join in on a football conversation with men (who don't know me) and they automatically think I have NO clue what I am talking about.  Yes... I know A LOT about football... I pride myself on it because I enjoy it.  GO IRISH!!!!! :)
  10. I am pretty good at playing Nintendo games... You give me a couple of practice runs and I can pretty much play anything.  Right now I am currently 8-0 on NCAA Football 2012 (And Jeremy is 7-1) bahahaahaahaahaahaahaahaaahaahaaahaaahaahahaaahaahaahahahaahhaa
  11. I hate the Saints... yes I know that that makes me "UnMississippian," but I have always disliked them.  It really got bad when they won the superbowl... It seemed like EVERYONE was a Saints fan...
  12. My least favorite food is English peas!  My mom said I would spit them out when I was younger... still hate them
  13. I cannot stand surprise endings in books... so most of time, I read the last chapter so I will know how it ends and THEN decide if it is worth my time.
  14. My favorite bible story is the one about Samson... I have no clue why, but I always loved it.
  15. My grandfather cooked me breakfast EVERYDAY from my 8th grade year to 10th grade (when we moved out)... precious memories.
  16. I love the Gaither Homecoming shows that come on TBN... reminds me of my Daddy.
  17. I look like a dude in hats... it is pretty ridiculous
  18. I didn't get my drivers license until I was 19 years old... and that was only because Jeremy MADE me...
  19. My mom, sister, and I used to sing Wilson Phillips, Whitney Houston, Heart, and Tailor Dane at the top of our lungs in her hoopty toyota... oh what memories.
  20. When I was in 7th grade (on the first day of school) I ran into a pole in front of a whole classroom of my friends and got a concussion.  I was known as "pole girl" the whole year.
  21. I love that Gray looks just like her Daddy... it melts my heart to see him in her.  He is truly the most beautiful thing to me... so seeing him in her makes her EVEN MORE beautiful.  Thank you Jesus!
  22. Whenever my dad would "pass gas" when we were younger... he would look around and say "Kristen... did you hear that frog?"  So forever I thought that when someone tooted it was actually a frog! :)
  23. At one point... I owned EVERY album, single, and song that the Backstreet boys ever released.  This including the foreign albums that were never released in the USA.  RI-DIC-U-LOUS!
  24. I cannot stand to grow my nails out... I have never had fake nails and I will probably always keep my nails short.  I have this OCD feeling that dirt is constantly under them... yuck!!!
  25. I hate awkward silences.  No seriously... it makes me CRINGE!!!  So that is why I always will get off the phone first, leave a conversation first, or just talking about something random so that there will be no silence.
  26. I rub my feet before I go to sleep... Most of the time, I don't even know I am doing it.
  27. I am so thankful for the life that God has given me.  He amazes me every day with his love and grace.  

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