Tuesday, June 4, 2013

18 months of Bliss

I cannot believe I have an 18 month old!!!!!  Where oh where does time go???

  • Your favorite foods are:
    • Yogurt
    • Bananas
    • Sweet Potatoes
    • Crackers
    • And PASTA! :)
  • Least favorite:
    • Plain rice, potatoes...anything plain
    • Spicy stuff
    • Things that had a strange texture
  • You are talking up a storm! Seriously... you are very talkative and very smart!  You surprise us everyday with your vocabulary... like this morning, you pointed to a picture of moses in the reeds and said, "Girl" (Pharaoh's daughter), "Baby" and "Basket!"  
    • Our favorite words that you say are "Phiss it" or "fix it" and "WHAAter" for water.
  • You love to play dress up!

  • You also like to talk in jumbled sentences now.  It is the funniest thing to hear you try to say a sentence.
  • You love to make animal noises.  You are pretty good at the following: duck, tiger, bird, dog, cat, monkey, and snake.  
  • You are Coach are becoming good friends.  Just yesterday you started calling his name every time Mike starts barking... You think that means Coach is outside.  You say "Coach!!!!" and run to the door.

  • Every time the phone rings you say "Paw Paw." You have recently started saying "Nonna" and point to the Ipad because we face time on it with her.

  • You can say pretty much all our your current cousins names... that being Connor, Jack, Brooke, and Bailee.  You will meet Brady next month! ;)

  • You love to go swimming!  Here are some shots from the pool:

  • You love love love outside.  You would stay out there all day if I let you!

  • You are starting to like the babysitters house...which makes leaving you there on MUCH easier on Momma! :)
  • You are ALL girl... Shoes are your favorite things to wear!  As well as necklaces, bracelets, and purses.  In fact... one day you walked up to me and brought me shoes, a necklace, and a bow and said "on."
    • You will bring us shoe after shoe and say "on" or "off."

  • You have recently really started to like playing with your dolls.  You will brush their hair, put them in the stroller, and love on them.  It is so sweet.

  • You love to read.

  • You are still a Daddy's girl.  Recently we tried to take family pictures (picture will be up soon) and you didn't want anything to do with Mamma at all.  I couldn't even touch you.  So... needless to say we got several pictures with you and Daddy and only one with Mamma.  :(

LOVE LOVE LOVE you sweet girl! :)