Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy 10 months Gray!!

Gray... you are 10 months old!  It is so hard to believe that in 2 months you will be a year old... please oh please stop growing!!!

Here's what you have been up to:
  • YAY FOR YOUR FIRST TOOTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And it wasn't even that bad of an experience... just a couple of days of missing your afternoon nap and you were a little whiny... other than that you were GREAT!  I think you already have another one coming in... no seriously... you do!
  • Favorite foods:
    • Still yogurt
    • You love love love puffs and yogurt bites (of course)
    • Milk
    • And still anything Momma and Daddy will give you
  • Least Favorite foods:
    • Any liquid other than milk
    • Peaches
  • Speaking of food... you can feed yourself things like puffs and yogurt bites... this of course is so funny to observe, but reminds me how big you are getting!
  • You are VERY silly... see:

  • You do the cutest thing now when we hold you... you will reach out with your arm and "point" to where you want to go or what you want to see.  Sometimes you even make a noise... I love it!
  • You love to drop it like it's hot... whenever you hear music, you start to dance and shake those hips.  It is the cutest thing!!!!
  • Your hair is getting sooooo long and thick... but somedays... it turns out like this:
  • "Da Da" is still your best bud, BUT... whenever Nana and Paw Paw are around, you don't even know "Da Da" exists... or momma :(
  • You also know what phones are now.  Every time I am on the phone you smile and make loud noises... almost as if you are trying to talk.  You also have a play purple phone that you pick up and bring to your ear (upside down mostly)... Every time you do it we say "hello" and you laugh and laugh... it melts my heart!
  • Every time I watch a video of you from when you were first born... I cry.  And I think I will always do this... yes, I am a sap.
  • I have to take your picture very quickly... or this is what happens:
You right in my face and the picture = blurry
  • You are trying to stand up by yourself a lot!!!!  Sometimes you think it is funny to fall... except of course when you bump your head.
  • You still only say "Da Da" but you are saying lots of other syllables... so it's coming!!
  • You still LOVE books... if there is a book around, you are going to read it.

  • Another thing you started doing recently is bringing us various toys (books mostly) whenever you want us to play with them or read them to you.  It is so funny watching you try to bring this big ole toy and crawl at the same time.  And it is so cute when you bring the toy and sit in our lap with it!
  • Nonna came to visit... you and her became best friends very quickly.  Wish she lived closer!!!

  • Momma has been busy planning your birthday party and FINALLY decided on a theme... we decided to have a tailgate themed party.  Why?  Well for one... your birthday is on a saturday and it is also the date of the LSU/Ole Miss game.  Since half of the party partakers are either Ole Miss fans or LSU fans... or really football fans in general, we decided to have a fun little family get together to watch the game.  You of course are going to be decked out in your house divided wear (Momma couldn't let you ONLY support LSU!)

GO IRISH!!!!!!!!!

To say that we love you would be an understatement... you are so smart and get cuter everyday.  I thank the Lord everyday for you... you are a blessing.

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