Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy 9 months Gray!!!!!

Gray you are 9 months old!!!!

So hard to believe... here is what you have been up to lately...
  • You are now on 4 ounces of whole milk to 3 ounces of breast milk every bottle (3 a day).  The doctor gave you the ALL CLEAR for whole milk and you have had no issues with digesting it SO FAR! :)
  • Speaking of the doctor... at your 9 month visit your measurements were as follows:
    • 28.5 inches long - 75%
    • 18.5 lbs - 50%
  • Your favorite foods are:
    • Carrots & barley
    • Strawberry and banana yogurt
    • Whole wheat garden veggies
    • And anything Mommy and Daddy have on their plate!
  • Your least favorite foods are:
    • Peaches
    • Apples
    • And... apple juice - which is frustrating because you need hydration!!!!!
  • One of my favorite things that you do is when you eat... you say "Ummmmmmm" after EVERY bite... no seriously... EVERY bite.  It is the cutest thing.  It's like you are saying yum!
  • You still love to kiss Mikey Poo but have recently sparked interesting is kissing Toot Toot... and Toot doesn't mind it one bit... see:

  • You love love love to read!  Your favorite books are "Brown Bear Brown Bear"(thanks Aunt Courtnie!!!!) and a children's bible story book that Aunt Ashley, Uncle Justin, and cousin Brooke got you
  • You had your first play date this month at Aunt KK's house!  You played with a sweet and very handsome young man named Turner.  Turner and you became fast friends.  Yall would just smile and laugh and flirt with each other.  It was so neat to observe the interaction between you too.  Too bad Turner lives in D.C. or else we would play together again soon!

  • Your daddy is still your best friend!!!  When you get your night time lotion after your bath you get a "Mr. Miagi" massage.  You just laugh and laugh... you think he is the greatest... shhssshhh don't tell him but I do too ;)
Please excuse the mound of clothes behind Jeremy
  • I am TRYING to get you to take a sippy cup... you DO NOT like this...  so we haven't been very successful 
  • Sometimes when you have woken up from a nap...I can hear you back in your room playing.  It is the cutest thing.  You love to play with the stuffed animals sitting in your crib... they are currently a pink hippo, your glow sea horse, and my personal fav... a Notre Dame teddy bear.  It is so funny to walk in and see you sitting down talking to them!  I can only imagine the conversation!

  • Mommy took her first sewing class this month... and here you are... modeling the dress (as you can tell...you are not that enthused!)

  • You are the cutest thing ever... here you are on your 9 month bday!!!


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