Monday, March 26, 2012

A Remedy for that Pesty Razor Burn

For me... not only is shaving a chore...but sometimes it is TORTURE!!!  Why?  Because of the awful razor burn I get after I shave.  This is why I can't shave every day like most women/men can.  The razor burn gets so bad sometimes that it will bleed!!!! :( 
So after numerous attempts to find something to treat it (multiple forms of after shave, lotions, etc.)... I gave up and resorted to only shaving my legs every other week or so... or when absolutely needed.  I know this sounds awful, but honestly the rash wasn't worth the cosmetic benefits!!!
But...after I started PT school and had to attend labs daily where shorts and tanks were the dress code, I was having to shave everyday.  My legs would burn all day and I was getting tired of dealing with it.  One day, Jeremy (my smart smart hubby) finally suggested that I try rubbing alcohol.  Since alcohol is the main ingredient in most after shaves I figured I would give it a shot.  I applied the rubbing alcohol generously to my legs and tadaaaaaaaa... NO RAZOR BURN!!!  Yes it stung like ccrraaazzzzyyy,

but afterwards my legs didn't itch or whelp like they normally did. 

So now I use it every time I shave.  I put the alcohol on a cotton ball and rub it all over the areas that I shaved.  It really does feel amazing afterwards.  I am still not able to shave every day, but now I only have to wait a couple of days in between shavings rather than a week... so I am very grateful!

Try it for yourself and see!

A big reason why aftershaves and lotions are a no no for curing razor burn is that many of them contain dyes and odors that people with sensitive skin are allergic even though the after shave is "curing" the razor burn, it is causing an allergic reaction that mimics razor burn and even makes it worse!

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