Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy 11 months! :)

I cannot believe that in a month you will be ONE year old!!!!!  Where oh where has the time gone????

Here is what you have been up to:
  • You can now wave Hi and Goodbye
  • You can give "High 5's" and "Low 5's"
  • You can clap
  • You raise your hands up when we say "Touchdown!!!!!!"

  • Favorite food:
    • Of course yogurt
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Corn
    • Peas
    • And sweets... (you get this from your Momma)
  • You still do not enjoy most tart things... I think this is your "I don't like it face," but we are finally making headway with water.  It is hard to get you to drink anything other than your milk...

  • You are drinking more out of your sippy cup, which has made things a lot easier!!! :)
  • You have 3 TEETH!!!!  Your two front bottom ones and one of your two front top teeth! :)
  • Your hair is getting so long and thick... it doesn't look like your hair will be curly, but it will def. be thick!!!! :)
  • You say "Mommmmmuuhhhhmooommmuuuhhhhmommuuhhh" when you are scared, want something, mad, or you are fussy.  It makes me smile every time!
  • You have taken your first step!!! BIG GIRL!!!!  You mainly do this for Da Da, but will do it for Momma sometimes...
  • You are still so shy, but instead of ALWAYS crying when you see someone new, you will smile, hide your face, or even play with your hair.  It is too cute!
  • You spent the night away from Momma for this FIRST time this month... we both survived!
  • You do NOT like long sleeves... you try to pull your shirt off every time we put you in long sleeves... this problem has to be solved since winter is RIGHT around the corner!
  • You have experienced your first of hopefully many fall festivals... here are some shots of you and  Momma and Daddy.

I love you little one, and I have enjoyed every moment of getting to know you!!!!  You are truly my heart! :)

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