Friday, April 27, 2012

Make your own Baby food!!!

Many of you know that Jeremy and I are trying to be as self sufficient as possible, especially when it comes to what we eat.  Jeremy has recently gone to a virtually meat free diet, wouldn't call him a vegetarian, but he as close as it can get.  I still eat meat, but I have cut back tremendously.  We decided early on in my pregnancy that we would like to make our own baby food.  Because of school and other obligations, we haven't really made much for her so far.  BUT... that is no more! So moms... if you are interested... here are some simple and healthy recipes for making your own baby food... key word = SIMPLE.

  1. Peel banana
  2. Add water - (use your can make it as thick or thin as you would like)
  3. Put in blender, food processor, magic bullet, etc.
  4. Blend
  5. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!

  1. Peel avocado
  2. Mash up
  3. Add water (again...however much you like)
  4. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So... do you get the picture??? You can do this with any type of food pretty much... some other easy options are carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, green beans, butter beans, squash, and sweet peas (Gray's favorite).  For the veggies, just boil until soft  and blend!

Moms... this is an easy and healthy way for your child to enjoy baby food.   What I love about it is that you know EXACTLY what goes into the food.  For us, we try to buy all organic fruits and veggies and use distilled water.  Of course we don't ALWAYS have the organic option, but we try to buy it when we can!

And just because I think I have quite possibly the cutest child alive... here are some updated pics of sweet Gray...

Sweet Baby with milk all over her face... bless her

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